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We are passionate DevOps

We breathe Terraform, eat EKS and Kubernetes, and dream about Lambdas in our sleep. Our mission is to make your infrastructure and CI/CD pipelines ready for scale.

We mitigate failure points, smooth performance, ensure uptime, and minimize costs. When an incident happens, we take control and get things up and running, even at 4:00 am.

We are your DevOps team. We are IAMOPS.

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Our success stories

Here’s how we have helped our clients to overcome the DevOps challenges

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IAMOPS played a vital role in enabling Aggua to have optimized cloud infrastructure, CI/CD and implement DevOps best practices from its early stage onwards.

migration from ec2 to eks white

Voyage Vista, a rapidly growing SaaS startup, required a scalable and reliable infrastructure solution to deploy their micro services based containerized application.

migration from heroku to gcp white

By consolidating services from different platforms like Heroku, GCP VMs and Azure VMs, IntelliProbe Solutions accomplished the integration of a GKE infrastructure with GPU.

We deliver with expertise

Our proven experience in working with over
25 clients on more than 100 projects makes us experts in what we do.

Our team of DevOps Engineers follow the “IAMOPS WAY” to understand the client’s perspective and deliver with efficiency and stability.

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Technologies we work with

Cloud Platforms

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IaC and Automation

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Our services

From achieving production-grade readiness to ensuring 24/7 uptime, enhancing security, and optimizing your cloud costs, we tailor solutions to fit your unique needs.



Make your cloud infra reach Production Grade


NOC 24/7

24/7 infrastructure monitoring to mitigate downtime risks


ISO 27001

Maintain well-defined tools and ISO 27001 practices


QA Automation

Ensure high cloud product quality and faster release

We partner with the best, to serve you the best!

As an AWS consulting partner, we leverage our deep expertise in cloud architecture and AWS services to deliver innovative solutions.

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