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Challenges you face without a dedicated QA team

Delay in version release

When your developer completes writing the code, but you wait for the tests to get done? If your manual testing team is not equipped to handle the volume of test cases, it results in a delay in the version release.

Buggy releases

Do you target multiple version releases in a month or stay true to your deadlines? If your manual testing team is overloaded with test cases, you will end up releasing versions with bugs. 

Untested for functionality

How can a manual QA team efficiently test for device compatibility and scalability within a limited time frame? Without the ability to test for server load, browser and device compatibility, there is a risk of leaving certain errors unaddressed.

Results you get from our QA team

Fast deployment

We help you release bug-free code to ensure the best user experience.


We integrate automated testing with various tools to test for performance, compatibility, and scalability.

DevOps integrated

Our QA team implements top-notch CI/CD practices to facilitate seamless collaboration between teams.

Error-free code

By running automated tests on a large volume, we help you reduce the margin of error.

How can IAMOPS help?

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Automated testing

Perform a higher number of test cases in one-third of the time required for manual testing using test scripts and CI/Cd tools.

QA automation

Functional testing

Test for various functionalities like UI, API, scalability, and compatibility with multiple browsers, and devices.

Devops architect

Faster troubleshooting

Instantly generate reports that enable developers and testing teams to see pinpoint errors in the lines of the code.

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Our QA experts automate software testing so your users can get an error-free
experience. Achieve faster deployment, and bug free releases!

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