Our Story

We make building companies easier by eliminating the hassle of building the
DevOps Team

We are two entrepreneurs who started our journey as Professional Service providers in the Israeli tech market. While watching our clients, we noticed how crucial it is to build the right team to execute workplans successfully.

Yet, many executives find it almost impossible to build teams. That can put their company at risk of failure.

Our goal is to efficiently build and manage DevOps teams for you, so you can focus on innovation and growth.

Our Amazing Team Members

Eyal Ahimas


Tel Aviv, Israel

Roy Bernat


Tel Aviv, Israel

Niken Wadkar

Manager in General & Administrative

Surat, India

Moriah Cuison

The (IAM) Podcast Manager

Rizal, Philippines

Charul Vansadia

DevOps Account Manager

Surat, India

Hardiksinh Parmar

DevOps Account Manager

Surat, India

Smita Patil

System Security Engineer

Surat, India

Yogesh Nile

Automation Engineer

Surat, India

Lorena Chua

Recruiting Associate

Rizal, Philippines

Shruthi T S

Senior Marketing Associate

Bangalore, India

Shewa Khan

Administrative Assistant

Surat, Gujarat

Bhautik Gajera

Site Reliable Associate

Surat, Gujarat

Saurabh Chachre

Site Reliable Engineer

Surat, Gujarat

Dhruv Ghanshymbhai Bundheliya

DevOps Associate

Surat, Gujarat

Mayur Duduka

DevOps Associate

Surat, Gujarat

Mohammad Soaeb Rathod

Devops Associate

Surat, Gujarat

Udit Sharma

DevOps Associate

Surat, Gujarat

Burhanuddin Murtuza Dodia

Recruiting Intern

Surat, Gujarat

Smit Rana

Site Reliable Engineer

Surat, Gujarat

Mihir shaileshkumar Mandviwala

DevOps Associate

Surat, Gujarat

Prerna Agarwal

Recruiting Intern

Surat, Gujarat

Our Journey

Here’s how IAMOPS took-off!

Starts DevOps journey

OCT 2000

Roy starts his journey with Development Operations. During his journey, he embraces his core value of “fanatical commitment” to customer’s success.

Explores India's work potential

DEC 2010

Eyal starts building his professional network in India. He realizes the potential of India’s workforce market and Remote Work.

IAMOPS is founded

DEC 2019

Eyal and Roy partner to build IAMOPS ISRAEL LTD.

Its first mission is to build “fanatical committed” Indian DevOps teams for high growth companies.

Our first team member

FEB 2020

IAMOPS first “fanatical committed” team member is recruited.

Our first DevOps team

DEC 2020

The first “fanatical committed” DevOps team is founded in Surat, Gujarat, India. This team is the core of the IAMOPS future growth.

IAMOPS India Officially incorporated

MAY 2021

The Israeli and Indian companies create a platform for remote teams from both countries to innovate together as a single organic team.

Our Globally Distributed Team




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