NS Trading Solution Leverages AWS Cloud to Optimize Complex Work Processes

Our Customer

NS Trading Solutions Ltd. provides comprehensive courses, market signals, and learning material teaching robust trading techniques. NS Trading makes one of the most difficult, yet profitable games in the world accessible to everyone.

The Challenge

To design and develop a scalable infrastructure for a company who wishes to provide their customers a secure, seamless, completely automated online trading experience.

Choosing A Solution and Services Provider

NS-Trading Solutions Ltd is looking for a solution architecture and service provider who can implement a user-friendly yet very unique and secure cloud-based solution to provide a stable, powerful, and smooth experience to their customers.

Our Solution

IAMOPS LTD has created a new account for network scalabilityhigh security, and cost-efficiency.

We implemented a complete private infrastructure to secure the core part of the project. We have implemented a VPN to connect to the private backend infrastructure. Automation to launch the new infrastructure for NS-Trading’s customers and update existing products from the customer’s machine. We have implemented a very strict Windows policy to meet NS-Trading’s customer’s security requirement.

NS-Trading is now using a scalable and secure infrastructure of Online Automated Trading experience for their customers.

All infrastructure runs on a very unique stream server which allows customers to access/operate their Windows-based software over the HTML5 enabled browser.

All NS-Trading’s customers are using Windows servers which are very secure with very strict policies.

NS-Trading provides new updates to all their customers in a completely automated manner by using Amazon Lambda and Route53.

NS-Trading uses Amazon Route53 to provide domain name services and SES to send emails to their customers.

IAMOPS LTD highly emphasized SecDevOps best practices during implementation, following the company’s enterprise risk and security (ERS) protocols.


Security: Getting customers directly to the server is a very risky and unsecured way to enter the server, Steam Server allows customers to enter into the server in a very secure manner; smoothly accessing their Trading Software over the Browser Like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

Cost-Efficiency: On-Demand instance and Lambda functions to automate the process of customers reduce customer’s time and cost.

100% Compliance: The shared architecture model makes it easier to meet NS-Trading’s idea to provide an automated, secure, and smooth trading experience to their customers.

Decreased Risk: The complete infrastructure is designed in a private model, and an automated process to provide updates to the customers.

Lessons learned

Stream Server: Providing customers to access the windows application in the server over any browser is the Key factor to satisfaction.

Proactive Service: Assures the customer assurance that they will get nothing but the best.

Enjoy simple things: Create new servers, delete servers and provide an update to the existing customer’s server in just a minute from the GUI. Now, they can generate servers as many as they want in just a few clicks.

Go with AWS: Customers were not aware of AWS solutions. They realized how easy it is to make the complete process automated by using AWS Lambda functions, API Gateways, and S3 bucket.


AWS offers a broad portfolio of global cloud-based products including compute, storage, databases, analytics, networking, mobile, developer tools, management tools, internet of things (IoT), security, and enterprise applications that are on-demand, available in seconds, with pay-as-you-go pricing.

When properly configured, resources can scale in or out depending upon demand. From data warehousing to deployment tools, directories to content delivery. New services can be provisioned quickly, without the upfront capital expense. This allows small and medium-sized businesses, like Mobideo, to access the building blocks we need to respond quickly to changing business requirements.


IAMOPS LTD is a full-service design, deployment, and operation AWS professional services provider.

We pride ourselves on custom-designed services to meet our clients’ specific needs. We strike a great balance between the technical and business aspect of cloud operation and maintenance.

With experience in both the private and public sectors, ranging from Finance, Telecom, Health, Hi-Tech, Education, Defence, and Security, IAMOPS’ customer-base includes startups as well as established organizations in Israel.

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NS Trading Solution Leverages AWS Cloud to Optimize Complex Work Processes

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