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FitFusion is a wellness platform for fitness centers, enhancing gym experiences with personalized fitness plans, health monitoring, and a supportive community. 

IAMOPS played a vital role in enabling Aggua to have optimized cloud infrastructure, CI/CD and implement DevOps best practices from its early stage onwards.

Voyage Vista, a rapidly growing SaaS startup, required a scalable and reliable infrastructure solution to deploy their micro services based containerized application.

By consolidating services from different platforms like Heroku, GCP VMs and Azure VMs, IntelliProbe Solutions accomplished the integration of a GKE infrastructure with GPU.

For faster and more reliable image deployment of ClariFruit’s QCaaS solution, IAMOPS implemented SOCI in ECR and was able to reduce container startup times by 50%.

Our client’s platform connects agri-businesses and financial institutions so that they can manage their financial activity all in one place.
AWS is a great service provider (tool) for businesses and individuals. But one major drawback of AWS can be stated: “If you do not care about your account, then AWS will not care about your pocket”.
NS Trading Solutions Ltd. provides comprehensive courses, market signals, and learning material teaching robust trading techniques. NS Trading makes one of the most difficult, yet profitable games in the world accessible to everyone.

Mobideo is a global hi-tech company transforming the way industrial workforce operate and perform. Founded in 2008, it supports customers in a range of asset-intensive industries, including oil & gas, chemicals, power, aviation, marine and life sciences.

Mobideo’s SaaS platform enables safe, compliant, and efficient management of the industrial workforce. The product connects workers to the cloud to increase productivity, accountability, traceability and connects managers to improve visibility and enhance real-time decision-making.

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