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Case Studies

Read our case studies and learn how we help our clients to solve
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Get AWS Pricing Alerts on Slack

Get AWS Pricing Alerts…

Monitor your AWS account daily base pricing on your Slack account or any other account. AWS is a great service provider (tool) for businesses and individuals. But one major drawback…

NS-Trading Solutions leverages AWS Cloud to optimize complex work processes

NS-Trading Solutions leverages AWS…

Our Customer NS Trading Solutions Ltd. provides comprehensive courses, market signals, and learning material teaching robust trading techniques. NS Trading makes one of the most difficult, yet profitable games in…

Mobideo Leverage AWS Cloud to Optimize Complex Work Processes

Mobideo Leverage AWS Cloud…

The Customer Mobideo is a global hi-tech company transforming the way industrial workforce operate and perform. Founded in 2008, it supports customers in a range of asset-intensive industries, including oil…


Explore the latest insights in the areas of DevOps, Startups, Distributed
framework and more from our experts.

The Significance of Integrating Security into the DevOps Process for CTOs 

The Significance of Integrating Security…

Introduction:  In the rapidly evolving technological landscape, businesses face immense pressure to deliver software applications faster and more efficiently. DevOps, a cutting-edge software development approach…

Microservices – Modernizing Development

Microservices – Modernizing Development

Introduction In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, companies demand flexible, scalable, and efficient software solutions. Traditional monolithic architectures struggle to meet these demands, hindering companies’ ability…

Cloud Computing : Know how Businesses are Embracing the Future

Cloud Computing : Know how…

Introduction: In an increasingly interconnected and digitized world, cloud computing has emerged as a transformative force, revolutionizing the way businesses operate, individuals interact with technology,…


A glimpse into our podcast series featuring inspiring entrepreneurs,
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