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QA Automation

Our QA experts automate software testing so your users can get an error-free experience. Achieve faster deployment, and bug free releases!

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Quality assurance

Testing Services


Testing framework

We understand your product’s functionality, architecture, and design. Our goal is to meet the requirements of all stakeholders, from the end-users to the developers.

Testing Framework


Automation Testing

We test your product by assessing its functionality, performance, security, and compatibility, using automated testing. We automate the tests cases using Selenium with Java/Python scripts and Jenkins.

Automation Testing


Reports and troubleshooting

Our team configures an automated dashboard to generate a cumulative result of hundreds of tests for your product. Then we analyse test results to identify areas for troubleshooting and debugging and determine the overall quality of the product.

Reports and Troubleshooting

Your QA Automation Team

QA Automation team

Account manager of technologies

Responsible for smooth onboarding and creating a foundation for the most efficient way to collaborate.

QA Automation engineers

Your right hand in the testing process, who works side by side with your developers. They will be responsible for achieving the goals set during the onboarding.

Why chose IAMOPS?

Integrated with DevOps team

IAMOPS is a leading DevOps provider, all our QA automation testers have hands-on experience in CI/CD, which makes them well-versed with DevOps concepts.

The IAMOPS way

Our partners over the years trust IAMOPS because of three reasons… accountability, expertise and trust. By using the best practices and always innovating we stay ahead of our client’s needs.

QA Team with Devops Team

Our roadmap to

Quality Assurance Testing

Step 1: Building the testing framework

  • Setup testing environment.
  • Writing and performing test scripts locally.
  • Code review with best practices.

Step 2: Integration into CI/CD

  • Integrate the code to GitHub.
  • Build automation flow in the CI/CD pipeline.
  • Running Jenkins pipeline.

Step 3: Testing data Feedback

  • Analyzing the results from Allure report.
  • Implement improvements in the code.
  • Verify if pipeline is running smoothly.

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