Life at IAMOPS

Our work culture encourages personal growth of each team member

Our Culture

Our unique roots and diversity gives us an inclusive, growth-oriented and collaborative work culture.

Stand-up meetings

We dedicate the first 15 minutes of each day to catch up with the entire team. So that our team members can start their day well-motivated and energized.  


We take pleasure in celebrating every moment. Whether it’s a birthday, festival, or anniversary, we believe that every special day deserves to be celebrated. 

Happy Hour

Work hard part harder! What better than a Friday evening to celebrate the week’s achievements? Happy hour is an after-work outing filled with fun, dancing, food and drinks (On the house!)


Building a culture of learning starts at the organizational level. We highly encourage team members to explore their potential by taking courses, certifications and in-house workshops.

Core Values

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Different abilities, different expertise, different culture, but that’s what makes us a work family like no other.

Hear from our team

Hear from our team and learn about their experiences working with us.

Behind the scenes

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