February 23, 2022

Natan Yellin, Co-founder & CEO at Robusta.Dev | Season 2 Ep 5

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Natan Yellin, Co-founder & CEO at Robusta.Dev | Season 2 Ep 5

About the Episode

Robusta Dev — Kubernetes monitoring that shows fixes, not problems. Robusta Dev sits on top of your existing monitoring tools. It correlates events, fetches extra data, and analyzes errors. 

In this episode of the IAM Podcast powered by iamops.ioNatan “your proxy’ Founder talks about:
✅ How the idea came about
✅ Problem they are trying to solve
✅ How better Robusta is compared to existing solutions
✅ Natan’s Vision
✅ Robusta’s Core Team & Core Values
✅ Why you should work at Robusta
✅ Importance of transparency & alignment
✅ Natan’s Management Style
✅ A commonly held belief in the startup space that he disagrees with
✅ What CEOs should stop and start doing
✅ Why he is a “proxy” founder

About the Guest:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/natanyellin/
Website: https://home.robusta.dev/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeLr…
Twitter: https://twitter.com/aantn

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Natan Yellin, Co-founder & CEO at Robusta.Dev | Season 2 Ep 5

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