October 19, 2022

Daniel Ilan Raccah, Co-Founder at Believyn | Season 2 Ep 37

Season 2 IAM POD 7

Daniel Ilan Raccah, Co-Founder at Believyn | Season 2 Ep 37

About the Episode

Daniel finished Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Technion—Israel Institute of Technology. He was academically awarded two merit-based scholarships. He co-founded a Believyn at 21. He’s passionate about business and entrepreneurship. He’s always striving for excellence.

Believyn is a platform that connects TikTokers and Fans by giving the possibility to invest in your favorite talent. Creators will be able to release talent cards on the market, and you, as a fan will be able to collect and trade them, getting exclusive benefits.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielilanraccah/
Website: https://www.believyn.com/

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Daniel Ilan Raccah, Co-Founder at Believyn | Season 2 Ep 37

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