December 20, 2023

Become Happier in 5 mins | Talia Soen, Co-Founder & CEO, Happy Things

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Become Happier in 5 mins | Talia Soen, Co-Founder & CEO, Happy Things

About the Episode


Talia is the Co-founder and CEO of Happy Things, a personal happiness assistant. This mobile app helps people practice happiness in just five minutes a day.

Happy Things is a combination of her two greatest passions. Technology on one side and psychology on the other. On the technology side, she has been working in tech since 2009. She started in customer success roles and then moved to product management, focusing mainly on mobile apps and consumer products.

On the psychology side, it’s something that has always interested her. She has a degree in psychology. She was a yoga teacher for a while, and she holds various certifications in coaching and fitness and nutrition. Combining these two things gave birth to Happy Things.

*Happiness is not external. It can be cultivated and practiced as a skill through simple daily activities. —Talia Soen, Co-Founder & CEO of Happy Things

*Happy Things is a personal happiness assistant app that offers bite-sized activities to help users practice happiness in just five minutes a day. —Talia Soen, Co-Founder & CEO of Happy Things


00:00 Introduction and Background

04:05The Journey to Creating Happy Things

08:31 Features and Functionalities of the App

13:56 Personalization and Future Plans

17:21 Focus on Women’s Well-being

20:16 Challenges of Market Education

21:53 The Roller Coaster Journey of a Startup Founder

24:26 The Transformation of a Non-Believer

25:39 Switching from Other Mental Health Apps

30:24 Fundraising Challenges

31:05 Advice for Women Founders

33:34 Contact Information and Conclusion


  • How to Become Happier in just 5 mins per day
  • What fueled Talia to build Happy Things
  • How to Practice Happiness as a Skill
  • Talia’s important advice to entrepreneurs especially women founders

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Become Happier in 5 mins | Talia Soen, Co-Founder & CEO, Happy Things

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