July 28, 2023

Dmitry Geyzersky, Co-Founder & CTO at Click-ins | Season 2 Ep 54


Dmitry Geyzersky, Co-Founder & CTO at Click-ins | Season 2 Ep 54

About the Episode

Click-ins is a visual intelligence AI for automated vehicle inspections.

Founded in 2014, the company was born out of the need to combat insurance fraud, a prevalent and challenging problem in the industry.

The Co-founders, Dmitry Geyzerskey and Eugene, brought together their backgrounds in intelligence and insurance to develop a solution using military-grade intelligence techniques and domain expertise.

Initially, Click-ins focused on tackling insurance fraud, but they soon realized the need for significant resources and investments to scale their operations. So they decided to shift their business model and become a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for different verticals.

Click-ins is the only company utilizing this deep tech to solve the complex problem of automated vehicle inspections. Their technology can be easily applied to different verticals within the automotive industry, including automotive insurance, car rentals, car sharing, and dealerships.

Click-ins’ advanced technology has allowed their customers to reduce fraud, and improve efficiency and streamline processes.


  • How Click-ins tackle fraud in automotive insurance
  • Learn the dynamics and challenges starting a startup
  • Discover the lessons learned from his first startup and why they hired a professional CEO on the next
  • Learn how implementing DevOps can promote agility and credibility to early-stage startups


When creating a new startup, you need to explicitly define the role and level of involvement of each founder in the startup. —Dmitry Geyzersky

Ego is an integral part of anyone. But in order to survive, you have to make compromises. —Dmitry Geyzersky

I think that the best thing for any startup is having a professional or seasoned entrepreneur on board, someone who had already done this before. Because he knows exactly how to maneuver things. —Dmitry Geyzersky

⁠⁠LinkedIn: ⁠https://www.linkedin.com/in/dmitriygeyzerskiy/
⁠⁠Website⁠: ⁠⁠https://www.click-ins.com/

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Dmitry Geyzersky, Co-Founder & CTO at Click-ins | Season 2 Ep 54

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