September 28, 2022

Tal Catran, Accelerators Guru & Start-up Builder

Season 2 IAM POD 3

Tal Catran, Accelerators Guru & Start-up Builder

About the Episode

In celebration of the International Podcast Month, I’m sharing with you this unique episode with no other than the Accelerator Guru, Startup Builder, International Keynote Speaker — Tal Catran.

🔶You’re planning to start a podcast in 2022 and you want to know how you should do it.

🔶You’re speaking or got invited to speak in a podcast and wondering what happens in a preliminary call.

🔶You’re a company and you want to stay top of mind by providing value.

Tal is a prominent figure in the global innovation ecosystem. Founded 14 startup accelerators since 2012, in both Israel and abroad, has rendered him a Guru on building accelerators, hubs and startup ecosystems. Over the years Tal conducted 60 cohorts hosting near to a 1,000 startups in his accelerators. Tal serves as Advisory Board Member in various companies and technology startups, mainly in CyberSecurity, IT, AdTech, Retail, Drones, Home Land Security and others. His active involvement with hundreds of startups, accelerators, incubators, innovation hubs, tech parks and other major players in the entrepreneurial ecosystems, stretches from Israel to Eastern Europe and Asia.

Tal is also a busy Keynote Speaker and TEDx Speaker, on tech startups, innovation, and entrepreneurship, sharing his professional toolbox to mentor, motivate and inspire entrepreneurs around the globe. Corona world Lockdown made Tal add Webinar Guru to his title, sharing his experience from different ecosystems worldwide.

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