July 20, 2022

Uri Tzikoni, VP of Product, RightBound | Season 2 Ep 24

Uri Tzikoni

Uri Tzikoni, VP of Product, RightBound | Season 2 Ep 24

About the Episode

“You can win by points, but it’s a lot better to win by knock outs.” — Uri Tzikoni, VP of Product at Rightbound

What you’ll learn in just 30 minutes from today’s episode:

  • Learn how to build a great product for startups
  • Find out Common Mistakes Product Managers do
  • Know the 2 most important things Uri learned as a serial product manager


Uri lives and breathes Product in the SaaS world. It is his strongest passion in his professional life. 

He is proud to be part of the Product League and contribute to the Product community as a mentor for almost 6 years now.

He is now the VP of Product at Rightbound. Rightbound leverages AI to completely automate account and prospect research. It converts the sales development journey into a data-driven, autonomous process.

As a product manager/mentor, he encountered different kinds of people with different perspectives. He’s not a “by the book” kind of person. He builds the plan according to the need. He prefers to be in the execution. He wants to hands-on when it comes to the product, technology developers and tactics.


LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/uritzikoni/
WEBSITE: https://rightbound.com/
EMAIL: uri.tzikoni@gmail.com


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Uri Tzikoni, VP of Product, RightBound | Season 2 Ep 24

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