December 15, 2021

Tzvika Fisher, Director of Operations at Kando | Episode 24

Tzvika Fisher, Director of Operations at Kando | Episode 24

About the Episode

When pollution is too high, the treatment plants can no longer be capable of the high load, therefore, end up rolling the problem all the way to the ocean! How horrible! 

Kando is an end-to-end solution that creates continuous awareness of events in the collection system. 

Kando provides the following features:  
💧 Realtime wastewater quality data across the collection system 
💧 Pinpoint sources of pollution 
💧 Early warnings of damaging WWTP influent quality 
💧 Customized pollution alerts 
💧 A user-friendly, online interface 
💧 Detection of COVID-19 infection rates (New) 

Learn more about their product, market, technology, operations ,building teams, bringing in the right people, managing processes and their journey on Episode 24 of the IAM Podcast!🎙

“Never assume what people think or plan. Always create conversations. Open everything on the table. Ask questions.” — Tzvika (Mike) Fisher, Director of Operations at Kando

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Tzvika Fisher, Director of Operations at Kando | Episode 24

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