January 11, 2023

Neha Rastogi, Founder & COO at Agatsa | Season 2 Ep 48

Season 2 IAM POD

Neha Rastogi, Founder & COO at Agatsa | Season 2 Ep 48

About the Episode

Welcome to our brand new podcast episode! Normally, you have to go to the hospital or a diagnostic center to get your ECG done and only then you can know whether your heart is doing ok or not.

What if you can have a medical grade ECG, like the size of a car keychain right in your pocket?

“We’ve miniaturized the big ECG (electrocardiogram) machines you see at hospitals into this,” — Neha Rastogi,

Neha is an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in creating affordable and technologically advanced healthcare products. Along with being the Founder of Agatsa, she is also the one who conceptualised and built the prototype of its flagship product – the SanketLife ECG monitor.

Agatsa was born out of worry. Back in 2013 when her father-in-law met with a sudden heart attack, her husband Rahul and she scoured the market for a portable ECG machine. The couple lived in Noida and his father in Lucknow, which meant repeated visits to the hospital for an ECG became increasingly difficult; they “REALLY NEEDED” something to keep a check on him.

But they COULD NOT FIND anything that they could use at home and still get a complete diagnosis, just like you would in a hospital.

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Find out how Agatsa was born, the financial and emotional challenges of building a startup while raising your first child. Also, discover how SanketLife works and why it’s trusted by doctors and healthcare professionals worldwide and many more.

02:23 Neha’s Career Background
03:12 How the startup idea of Agatsa came about
05:33 Challenges developing the product
07:50 Cardiovascular (CVD) being the no. 1 killer among (non communicable) diseases
08:58 How Agatsa started
12:24 How they presented SanketLife
12:56 Initial Believers, First Investors
14:15 How SanketLife looks and works
15:38 How SanketLife was received in India, distributed and first sale
17:53 Worldwide Location and availability
18:45 Agatsa Plans
20:50 Challenges building a Startup
22:25 Agatsa Team
22:45 Neha’s experience as a female startup founder in tech
23:44 Company Values/Culture
26:39 Neha’s message to young engineers
29:17 Neha’s advice to entrepreneurs
30:58 Connect with Neha

“Find your purpose. Find that one thing that you want to solve for your country and for the world and just do it.” Anything is possible. — Neha Rastogi


Connect with NEHA RASTOGI:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/agrneha/
Website: https://www.agatsa.com/

SanketLife: https://sanketlife.in/

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Neha Rastogi, Founder & COO at Agatsa | Season 2 Ep 48

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