November 2, 2022

Tim Hughes, Co-Founder & CEO at DLA Ignite | Season 2 Ep 39

Season 2 IAM POD 7

Tim Hughes, Co-Founder & CEO at DLA Ignite | Season 2 Ep 39

About the Episode

Tim Hughes is the #1 social selling influencer, pioneer and author of “Social Selling – Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers”.


🀝 Learn more about Social Selling and why you should be a social organization
πŸ”„ How sales and marketing has changed in the last five years especially with Covid
🎯 Learn the right way to connect with your buyers
πŸ’» Find out how digital can change your business

Timothy (Tim) Hughes and Adam formed DLA ignite when they saw the effect that social media could have and realized that in the future social media would probably play a crucial role in the effectiveness of all organizations.

Why Business Transformation?
The modern consumer has changed. The internet and social media channels have fundamentally changed the way people evaluate brands and products when they make buying decisions, recruitment decisions and all interactions. Long before you are contacted. The modern consumer has been on a self-driven journey where they research, ask questions and jump to conclusions about you, your products and your brand.

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Tim Hughes, Co-Founder & CEO at DLA Ignite | Season 2 Ep 39

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