March 10, 2023

Idan Meir, Co-Founder & CEO at RightHear | Season 2 Ep50


Idan Meir, Co-Founder & CEO at RightHear | Season 2 Ep50

About the Episode

What if signs could talk?

RightHear provides talking signage, so everyone can interpret and understand their surroundings in real time.
The environment comes to life through audio descriptions delivered directly to a smartphone or tablet. Helping everyone, everywhere explore, navigate, and experience the world safely and independently.

According to Idan Meir, their vision of making the world more accessible to all individuals is closer than ever before, with nearly 3,000 accessible spots in over 600 venues (and counting) across the globe. Some of their partners include The Azrieli Group, Chicago French Market, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, McDonald’s Israel, Shufersal Supermarket Company and Tel Aviv University.

RightHear is a free app available for its users on both iOS and Android.


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Idan Meir, Co-Founder & CEO at RightHear | Season 2 Ep50

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