December 28, 2021

Elad Bibi-Aviv, Co-Founder & CEO at Covary | Ep 25

Elad Bibi Aviv

Elad Bibi-Aviv, Co-Founder & CEO at Covary | Ep 25

About the Episode

Stop paying high insurance premiums to protect your income.

Covary is a cost-sharing platform that uses advanced actuary models and technology to create pay-as-you-go non-insurance products. It’s cost-effective critical illness and life coverage is designed to match the needs of the freelancers.

Why freelancers join Covary:
✔️Transparency. They are completely transparent. You know exactly what you’re paying for — for which causes each month.
✔️Simplicity. It’s fully digital. In just five clicks, you’re in with a personalized cover.
✔️Protect now, pay later. Savings of up to 50% compared with the traditional insurance expenses.

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Elad Bibi-Aviv, Co-Founder & CEO at Covary | Ep 25

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