December 1, 2022

Avner Vilan, Co-Founder & CEO at ARTI.AR | Season 2 Ep 43

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Avner Vilan, Co-Founder & CEO at ARTI.AR | Season 2 Ep 43

About the Episode

🚀Learn How ARTI.AR makes presentations 3x more engaging
🚀Find out how Avner and I made a powerful ‘no sweat’ content on the spot with Arti AR’s easy-to-use augmented reality
🚀 Storytelling Tips
🚀The Challenges and the Future of AR

Avner likes to build teams and partnerships that tackle and solve hard problems. He gets motivated to hear people say “this will never work” or “it has never been done before”.

After more than 18 years of engineering and management experience in Israel’s security establishment, Avner decided to do something completely different and co-founded Arti, the first software-only cloud-based AR platform for video creators.

We are all storytellers. Over the years, technology has changed, but the basic human need to tell a compelling story hasn’t.

AR can bring your story to life in ways that only your imagination can limit.
The virtual is quickly blending into the real.

Arti is building the AR storytelling software for the creator economy. Arti lets anyone create the stunning AR graphics they need and add them to their videos in real-time.

Their mission is to enable any content creator, no matter their technical prowess, to easily create the story they want to tell using AR.

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Avner Vilan, Co-Founder & CEO at ARTI.AR | Season 2 Ep 43

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