June 15, 2022

Adam Amitai, Co-founder & CEO at Lavaa Health | Season 2 Ep 19

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Adam Amitai, Co-founder & CEO at Lavaa Health | Season 2 Ep 19

About the Episode

“The doctors are doing a tremendous job with the tools they have. They are smart and knowledgeable. But it’s just not enough in today’s world, when you have more data.”β€” Adam Amitai, Co-founder & CEO of Lavaa Health

LAVAA engines is set to ensure that each doctor, insurer and health provider will be able to benefit from educational resources, resulting in healthier paying customers.

Across all its divisions, from LAVAA [LABS] to LAVAA [PLATFORM], LAVAA’s mission is to introduce a leading proactive insurance solution. LAVAA is aimed to enable access to an optimized process in:

* Policy underwriting

* Sale and renewal

* P&L actuarial calculation In this episode, Adam talks about the problem in the healthcare, their wholistic solution, their biggest challenge, their pilot in the US, the 13 most common diseases around the world, how to know the right people in the team, and more.

Connect with ADAM AMITAI:
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Adam Amitai, Co-founder & CEO at Lavaa Health | Season 2 Ep 19

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