Is Amazon Lightsail A Good Option For Startups? 

To help you with simpler workloads and scale as you grow, you need a simpler way to launch projects easily. Get started on AWS with AMAZON LIGHTSAIL.   

AWS Lightsail is aneasy-to-use cloud platform that offers you everything you need to build an application, software or website.  

Its best features include: 

#1:  Affordability   

Startups have limited funds so with Amazon Lightsail, you can focus on your code, not your bill. It’s practically giving you the same value for optimized memory, processing, storage with reasonable amount of money.  

#2:  Simplicity 

The pre-configured virtual private servers (VPS), simplified management interface and load balancers contribute to overall seamless experience.   

This means you can create, manage and connect to instances from the console backed by an API that’s publicly available. It also supports simple OS like Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu and Windows. When you create a new instance for example, it’s less confusing because you can choose from the automatically installed application templates like WordPress, Magento, Django, LAMP and more.  

#3: Scalability

With managed database, upgrading need not be complicated.   

As your projects grow, you can configure your network securely and easily handle your increased traffic and heavier workloads.   

As AWS phrased it,  

You can manage the services in AWS using the AWS management console, while still keeping your day-to-day management in the Lightsail console. It’s the best of both worlds!”   

Amazon Lightsail is not only a good choice; it can be a lifesaver too, both for new cloud users and early-stage startups.  

 Roy Bernat, our Co-founder and CTO, shares in this video the basics of Amazon Lightsail: 

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Is Amazon Lightsail A Good Option For Startups? 

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