We are now 60+ team members, and counting

IAMOPS is growing and we are excited to share this with you.  

Starting with our founders, Eyal and Roy, 4 years ago, and having grown today into a team of over 60 members, has been a milestone worth celebrating for us. 

Throughout our journey, we have not just grown in number, but also achieved a lot at every step. 

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Marking our achievements 

  • IAMOPS WAY- IAMOPS lays its foundation on two core values – Professionalism and Customer Satisfaction. We train our team members around specific KPIs to ensure we gain customer trust, complete tasks efficiently, and follow the highest standards of precision to deliver expert solutions to our clients. As of today, our customer success team includes 37 trained team members who are going through a continuous intensive training program to embrace the IAMOPS WAY. 
  • Market Impact – Our passion is to assist entrepreneurs and tech leads in realizing their dreams. We are committed to aiding as many as possible across a variety of markets. Over the past four years, we have supported dozens of companies with an array of DevOps projects, from establishing well-architected infrastructure and CI/CD pipelines to implementing round-the-clock monitoring to ensure uptime and automating QA use cases. Our dedication to these endeavors is unwavering, and we look forward to continuing to expand our support and reach, helping more and more businesses thrive. 
  • Partnerships – Strategic partnerships with leading technology vendors empower us to deliver exceptional value to our clients. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we provide preferential pricing, advanced cost optimization strategies, and access to exclusive AWS funding programs and incentives. Additionally, our collaboration with Ingram Micro, a global force in AWS distribution, simplifies the purchasing process through its expansive marketplace. Utilizing their substantial purchasing power, we unlock private pricing options for our clients, ensuring they benefit from superior pricing that aligns with their financial strategies. 
  • I-TARA – For happy clients we need well trained professionals. I-TARA (IAMOPS training division) currently trains 20 trainees to embrace the IAMOPS way and join the customer success team.  We aim to build a team of top-notch engineers and make them industry ready according to the IAMOPS WAY. With our training program, we strive to bridge the gap between what industry is expecting and what the team members are prepared to do.  
  • Diversity and global reach- We have successfully built our diverse team from across different locations. We have built a culture of collaboration and team spirit from across Israel, India, Netherlands, Philippines, and Georgia. Moreover, we have maintained an open approach for anyone to reach out to anyone at IAMOPS.
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Celebrating achievements and embracing future opportunities  

We are delighted and proud to see how IAMOPS has evolved throughout the short span of four years.  

We constantly keep stepping up in refining our services that can help our clients to scale and grow. 

At the same time, we are shaping IAMOPS into an ideal workplace for professionals who are passionate about learning, building, and delivering various DevOps solutions, making it the perfect environment for them to advance their careers. 

Looking ahead, we are closely focused on the evolving landscape of AI development. We are actively engaging in brainstorming and comprehending how these advancements will influence our industries. Our goal is to identify the opportunities that arise, positioning our company to capitalize on them effectively. 

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We are now 60+ team members, and counting

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