IAMOPS is now AWS Advanced Partner 

The path to continuous success is definitely not a cakewalk. Surely, the journey has its own ups and downs, but hitting a milestone makes it all worth the effort and gives you the boost to strive for the next milestone in your path. As a team of growth fanatics, we feel proud to announce that IAMOPS is now AWS Advanced Tier Partner! 

Celebrating IAMOPS’ Advanced Tier AWS Partnership: 

Reaching the third Tier of AWS’s four-Tiered partnership is the result of the combined effort of our team. Our vision to foster growth and deliver the best to our customers has always been our prime focus. With this, we take one more step toward gaining more knowledge and leveraging our expertise in being our client’s DevOps team.   

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What we have gained: 

APN Tier requirements sit on three pillars: Knowledge, Experience, and Customer Success. As an AWS Advanced Tier Partner, we proactively addressed all the pillars and fulfilled all requirements.  

For the Knowledge aspect, we need 8 accredited individuals with Professional and Business accreditations, and 4 foundational certified individuals. We also require 6 technical certified individuals, out of which 3 must be Professional or Specialty level. The available certificates range from AWS AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate, AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional, AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty, AWS Certified Developer – Associate, AWS DevOps Engineer – Professional, etc. We have total 54 certificates out of which all individuals are AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate. 

Under the Experience requirement, we have launched 20 opportunities, with a Partner Business Plan that describes our strategy plan for our clients. As for our Customer Success, explore Publicly Referenceable Use Cases on our website. These cases showcase successful collaborations and solutions delivered through our tech stack, addressing client pain points.  Also, our clients have shown a positive review of their satisfaction level with our solutions.  

Our team, from technical individuals to non-technical, has been actively pursuing AWS certifications and developing their skills to stay abreast of technological advancement. IAMOPS believes in growth and learning at every wake, and that gives us the expertise to deliver the best solutions to our clients, especially the ones who are at an early stage. 

Building excellence in all spheres 

Operating in a dynamic industry, we recognize the importance of staying up to date with technological advancements. This continuous learning enables us to deliver solutions that align with our clients’ current and future needs. Startups, specifically, need to have an agile environment that enables optimal solutions with relevant technological innovations. IAMOPS being your DevOps partner makes it a necessity to leverage your business with our assistance and expertise.  

We are committed to our clients and our goals. Along with an efficient DevOps team, we offer Quality Assurance and 24/7 monitoring services that enable businesses to mitigate risks and stay ahead of alerts. From cost optimization to networking and CI/CD, we deliver you all that you require to excel.

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IAMOPS is now AWS Advanced Partner 

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