Reduce cloud costs with IAMOPS and Ingram Micro

For too long, we’ve seen our clients struggle with challenges posed by local cloud resellers. Our clients have shared their frustrations that these resellers often don’t show enough care for their needs, disappearing after the initial setup. 

At IAMOPS, we’re committed to addressing this issue head-on. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Ingram Micro, a leading American global-scale distributor. 

This collaboration grants us direct access to a vast array of products that our clients frequently use. From AWS and Azure to New Relic and, we can now offer exceptional deals at competitive prices, aimed at boosting our clients’ efficiency and driving down costs. 

What can you benefit from our partnership

Our partnership with Ingram Micro opens opportunities for IAMOPS’ clients to get many FinOps benefits:

  • Free use of CloudCheckr: With free use of CloudCheckr by, our clients can better manage and reduce cloud costs, optimize their resources to gain operational efficiencies, improve governance, and strengthen security and compliance. 

  • Discounts on Reserved Instances: IAMOPS’ clients can benefit from discounts on AWS Reserved Instances, allowing them to save on their cloud computing costs by committing to usage over a specified term. 
  • Discount on AWS Business Support: Access to discounted AWS Business Support can provide startups with technical assistance and guidance when required, ensuring smooth operations and resolving issues promptly. 
  • Discounts on Advance Payment for AWS Billings: This benefit allows startups to save on their AWS billings by receiving discounts for making advance payments, optimizing their cash flow and reducing overall expenses. 
  • Access and Discounts on Many Products from Various Vendors: Through Ingram Micro’s marketplace, startups gain access to a wide variety of tech products from various vendors. The partnership provides them with discounts on these products, enabling them to access necessary tools and solutions at a lower cost, facilitating their growth and development. 

Want to join other startups and optimize your costs? 

To take advantage of IAMOPS’ FinOps offerings, all that’s required is to designate IAMOPS as the primary payer for your startup.  

Within just 20 minutes, we can begin enhancing the cost optimization journey for your production-grade infrastructure. 

This straightforward step will significantly boost our capacity to deliver increased value to you as your DevOps team. 


Our partnership with Ingram Micro provides us access to Ingram Micro’s expansive tech product lineup for our clients and startups. This collaboration promises various benefits, including discounted AWS services, access to a wide range of vendor products, and cost-effective solutions tailored to startups’ needs.  

With perks like discounts on Reserved Instances, AWS support, and advance payments, this partnership stands to empower startups and our clients, enabling them to effectively manage their budgets while accessing vital tech resources.  

Overall, this move holds our promise for our clients to scale up and drive growth in tech.

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Reduce cloud costs with IAMOPS and Ingram Micro

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