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Scope of services

Two types of testing can be implemented at various stages of the CI/CD pipeline

Version Testing

  • To add agility to the CI/CD pipelines, Integrated testing during the continuous delivery and continuous deployment stage is recommended. 
  • Test new versions of code in multiple functionalities and integrations before deployment.

Development Testing

  • To add agility during the CI stage of the CI/CD pipeline, we use isolated tests for the developing code.  
  • Test specific blocks of code while developing versions and save on time, energy and resources 
  • Get reports on the exact issues in code and resolve them in time for deployment.

Our End-to-End services

Your QA Automation Team


Get a dedicated team of QA automation engineers to build, test and deploy your product. We take charge of all your QA automation workload


We ensure that our team works with you every step of the way. Get everyday performance reports, and performance analytics that allow you to measure the progress of your project.  

Continuous feedback / Customized solutions

Every product is unique; our solutions can be customized according to your needs. Be it testing with Python, Java, or something else.

Our Approach to QA Automation


User flow of websites under QA

  • Understanding the user’s workflow,  
  • Planning which workflows to improve 
  • Write test cases to improve website user flow 


Integration into CI/CD

  • Create the automation flow with CI/CD pipeline. 
  • Duplicating the existing pipeline.  
  • Testing for efficiency in the duplicate pipeline  


Building the testing framework

  • Decided the list of test cases 
  • Define tech stack 
  • Writing and performing test cases locally 
  • Testing environment setup 


Testing data Feedback

  • Testing report tool will show the exact analytics to the test cases 
  • Schedule automated tests 
  • Implement improvements into test case0s 


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