December 14, 2022

Ohad Ronen, Co-Founder & CEO at RECORD | Season 2 Ep 45

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Ohad Ronen, Co-Founder & CEO at RECORD | Season 2 Ep 45

About the Episode

Are you wasting so much time resolving customer support issues?

Do you want to increase retention by providing end-of-art experience with your customers. Increase CSAT and NPS?

Do you want to drop support ticket average handle time and get all the data you need lightning fast?

Forget inefficient time getting on Zoom call. Productivity is a key to efficiency!

RECORD enables you to resolve issues without spending hours and with the going back and forth.

πŸš€ What they discovered at TUTO
πŸš€ Learn why @ohad decided to rebrand to RECORD
πŸš€ Find out the problems that are knocking down support teams
πŸš€ Learn why RECORD a game-changer
πŸš€ Productivity Tips


Ohad Ronen is the co-founder & CEO at RECORD. He has 5+ years of experience in marketing, training, web development, design (UX/UI), and product management and worked with big brands.

He believes in learning continuously by collecting information and listening in order to develop new ideas and solutions to address problems and communicate them clearly. Driving better leadership, decision-making, objective analysis, relationships, and outcomes.

They rebranded from Tuto to RECORD after they decided to change the persona that they are going after. As an early stage startup they realized that they need to go lean and go faster.

They decided to focus on a specific niche β€” the customer support teams. This changed everything. They got more traction in 2-3 months compared with one year at tuto.

“Listen to your customers. Listen closely to people you talk with. Figure out what doesn’t work. Experiment. Then, bring the product to life.” β€” Ohad Ronen

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Ohad Ronen, Co-Founder & CEO at RECORD | Season 2 Ep 45

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