February 15, 2023

Maya Kaufman, CEO at Growth Engine | Season 2 Ep 49

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Maya Kaufman, CEO at Growth Engine | Season 2 Ep 49

About the Episode

Need to generate B2B leads and sales?

Then this podcast episode is for you! 

Maya Kaufman has over 12 years of experience in B2B sales and marketing that generates growth. She is passionate about helping companies implement revenue-generating strategies that integrate marketing and sales. 

Growth Engine combines prospecting strategies, inbound marketing, sales tactics, and automation. They help startups and B2B service companies reach their growth and profitability goals. 

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πŸš€ How to Start Your Outbound Process

πŸš€ What Channels Work Best for B2B Tech #startups

πŸš€ Magic Formula of Inbound + Outbound Marketing

πŸš€ Difference between US and UK Market

πŸš€ Maya’s Advice to #entrepreneurs

Be persistent. Never give up!

You can have really good days and you can have “shit as hell” days. Everyone goes through them. Sometimes it feels like the stars are aligned in your way. Sometimes it feels like “what am I doing here?”. Keep through it. Things change. They don’t stay constant. β€” Maya

Connect with MAYA KAUFMAN:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maya-kaufman-16513233/
Website: https://www.growthengin.com/

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Maya Kaufman, CEO at Growth Engine | Season 2 Ep 49

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