December 21, 2022

Keren Leshem, CEO at OCON Healthcare | Season 2 Ep 46

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Keren Leshem, CEO at OCON Healthcare | Season 2 Ep 46

About the Episode

Finally, another woman on the IAM Podcast for Startups! Keren came in as VP Sales and Business Development at OCON Healthcare. In charge of understanding why a company with a great product, that is 7 years of age, raised multiple rounds of investments is NOT BOOMING as everyone expected.

OCON Healthcare revolutionizes women’s quality of life and freedom of choice with healthier, safer uterine drug-delivery solutions. Their mission is to introduce innovative, high-quality intrauterine drug-delivery technology to improve and impact  women’s health and quality of life.

She was recently dubbed as one of the three women shaping the future of women’s health by Forbes Magazine.

She answered interesting questions like How to Restart a Startup, What is the Hardest Thing about Managing Women, What does Success Look like and many more.

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🚀 Why do most startups fail
🚀 How is OCON Healthcare is revolutionizing women’s quality of life with the intrauterine drug-delivery technology
🚀 How to restart a failed startup
🚀 Keren’s meaning of success
🚀 The “Anti-Fragile” Notion


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Keren Leshem, CEO at OCON Healthcare | Season 2 Ep 46

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