IAMOPS is expanding – We are now in Georgia

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We’re thrilled to share the new milestone of IAMOPS – We are now in Georgia!

This expansion underscores our commitment to achieve continuous growth by fostering skilled engineers across the globe.

We have reached 70 employees thanks to the new team in Georgia and the last recruitment we did in India!

By building a strong and global team, IAMOPS can meet its mission of helping start-ups in Israel to develop and launch new innovative products and build growing companies.

In addition, it enables IAMOPS to penetrate new markets and diversify its portfolio.

Why Georgia?

Setting up a team in Georgia has a story of its own. A year back from now, Eyal and Roy sat together in Surat, India, to discuss the next big step for IAMOPS. They could simply agree on building a workforce in more territories as successful as they have in Surat and Pune.

This led Eyal to connect with his friend, Ido, who has intensive work experience in Eastern Europe. The idea was to get insights into which East European country would be the best to have our new branch, based on the two core requirements- knowledge and professionality.

To their surprise, Ido highlighted Georgia as one of the prime options. Curious to understand the potential of this country, Eyal carried his research on Georgia.

The result? In January 2024, we had our first batch of DevOps Engineers joining from Georgia.

Our aim to expand into different geographies is to diversify our workforce. Combining different cultures is what creates a real global team.

As part of our business model, we target geographies with a large pool of skilled engineers, with solid command over English, who strive for opportunities to build their careers in DevOps. Our move to Georgia serves the same objective.

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Spreading the IAMOPS WAY to Georgia

As a growth-oriented company, we commit to defining and maintaining the highest standards of DevOps services with our expertise and professionalism. For this, we defined the term “IAMOPS WAY”, which consists of our core values of Customer Satisfaction, and Professionalism. These core values are broken down into a set of KPIs that our team members must follow, excel, and retain.

During the training phase, we focus on 5 major KPIs which directly reflect our core values. These KPIs are: (1) Communicating professional topics with confidence and accuracy; (2) Accountability –  taking ownership of tasks and getting them “Done”; (3) Preparations for meeting with deep understanding of the solution developed; (4) Attention to details and precision; (5) Tasks management and collaboration. To train them for all of this, our engineers go through 6 months of intense training under the supervision of Niken Wadkar- the first employee at IAMOPS. Throughout their training, we continually monitor the performance of our DevOps Engineers based on the KPIs that we majorly focus on.

To ensure that they follow our “IAMOPS WAY”, we assess them on a quarterly basis which gives us the analysis of their learnings.  

Along with their professional growth, we also focus on their social growth which enhances the team’s accountability.

Overall, we prepare and polish our DevOps Engineers on not just a technical and professional level, but on a social level as well.

Our engineers from Georgia are already following the “IAMOPS WAY” into their training. Upon completion, they will join our Customer Success team to have direct interactions with our clients and projects.

Conclusion- Leading the way forward:

Our journey over the past four years has been remarkable. From two co-founders, we have now expanded to a workforce of more than 70 people from different locations.

As we continue to thrive, we maintain our focus on creating a work environment. This environment emphasizes collaboration, learning, and continuous improvement. Our goal is to provide the best DevOps services possible.

Our expansion into Georgia marks a significant milestone in our journey. With our robust internal training, we ensure that our team members are part of a globally diverse company. Additionally, we guide them towards a fulfilling career path.

The future holds exciting growth opportunities, and we are ready to deliver our services with professionality and expertise.

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IAMOPS is expanding – We are now in Georgia

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