Mastering the DevOps Virtual Interview: Insider Tips and Tricks for Success 

Online interviews have become a new norm due to the pandemic and social distancing. Many companies have found that these interviews accurately assess candidates, just like in-person interviews. Therefore, it’s crucial for applicants to put their best foot forward on screen.  

Preparing for a DevOps interview in an online format can be as daunting as a face-to-face interview. But with the right approach, you can increase your chances of success. Here are the Top 6 tips that can help you prepare for your next DevOps Interview:

1. Make a positive impression within the first five minutes.  

Whether online or in-person, it’s important to kick things off with a touch of professionalism to set the stage for productive interaction. Here are a few tips to help you achieve this:  

Choose a good location. Find a well-lit and spacious spot at home. Oh, and don’t forget to lock your door! You don’t want a repeat of that candidate’s encounter with monkeys during the interview. Although it was amusing that she had to excuse herself to handle the situation, it caused quite an inconvenience. So, for everyone’s sake, secure your space and keep any unexpected interruptions at bay. 

Choose a decent background. If you can’t have a neutral or plain backdrop, enable the blur feature to hide any clutter behind you. Do not block your main source of light. If you appear too dim, it’d be difficult to assess the call properly.  

Test your equipment. Before you jump into your call, give your mic, speakers and camera a quick test run. Let your household members know in advance so they can help create a peaceful and distraction-free environment for your call.  

Have a tech back-up plan ready. Consider heading to a friend’s place if your wi-fi goes down. And if you need to use your mobile device, place it on a stable surface. Excessive shaking can make the interviewer uncomfortable and potentially lead to awkward moments like the phone falling. 

Spend a couple of minutes navigating the platform. This is a simple step that can make a big difference in how smoothly the call goes for you. Take time to explore various functions such as video controls, chat options and renaming if you’re using someone else’s laptop. Keep in mind that recruiters might request screen sharing for surprise tests at times.  

Show up early or reschedule if you must. Showing up on time or even a little early is a great way to leave a good impression. Your punctuality says a lot about you, so it’s a plus! If you’re still in transit and unable to focus, we’d rather you reschedule the appointment.   

Dress your best. Even if it’s just from the waist up. While you can go for comfortable bottoms like pajama pants, make sure your top half looks professional. Your attire impacts your composure and confidence, so dress in a manner suitable for a CEO-level conversation. 

Mastering DevOps
2. Keep an eye on your non-verbal cues. 

Look at the camera and smile. Greet and respond with enthusiasm. Keep your eye contact consistent to show sincerity and attentiveness. Remember, recruiters closely observe your eyes and lips for signs of disqualifications like using a proxy or searching for answers online.  

Use hand gestures often to build a connection. Recruiters can quickly gauge your engagement by your posture and hand gestures. Also try finding common interests to make the conversation livelier. This will also reflect your ability to be a cooperative and likeable coworker.   

3. Immerse yourself in DevOps tools and technologies. 

Versatility can take you far. Without a solid grasp of various DevOps tools and technologies, interviews can leave you feeling confused and anxious. At IAMOPS, we strive to be the leading DevOps team by constantly expanding our knowledge. If you apply for this role, we expect you to share our passion for learning and strong understanding of automating processes, monitoring systems, managing infrastructure, and troubleshooting issues. 

Refresh and update the necessary skills. Brush up on your system administration abilities. Make sure your Git is up to date. Familiarize yourself with essential tools like Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, and AWS. Be proficient in at least one programming language, such as Python, Ruby, or Java to showcase your technical expertise.  

Communicate your ideas clearly. It’s not only about knowing the core principles and methodologies; you should also be able to effectively explain concepts in a concise and logical manner.  

4. Prepare for behavioral questions. 

Show off your interpersonal skills. Situational questions are designed to assess your soft skills and ability to work in a team. Prepare for questions such as “Tell me about a time when you had to manage multiple projects.” or “How do you handle conflicts?”  

Structure your response using the STAR method. This technique provides a clear format for sharing your story by laying out the Situation, Task, Action and Result. This practice is an excellent way to organize your thoughts. Learn more about it here: How to Use the STAR Method to Ace Your Job Interview | The Muse 

5. Research and rehearse. 

Thorough research on DevOps interview questions is not enough, you also need to know about the company you’re applying for. 

Ask any questions except the company profile. If you ask about what IAMOPS does during an interview, it raises a red flag. It indicates lack of preparation. Do your thorough research beforehand! Not only will this show your initiative, but it will also help you discover the synergy between your background and the position you’re applying for. 

Repetition leads to mastery. Be prepared for real-time coding exercises. Boost your confidence by conducting mock interviews with a friend or colleague. Practice answering both technical and behavioral questions and seek valuable feedback. 

6. Prioritize respect. 

Overconfidence is not attractive. There might be instances where you’ll need to answer a simple question to evaluate how you interact with junior team members so be mindful of your tone and choice of words. You can discuss your achievements politely while maintaining modesty. 

Present your best self with caution. Talking about your previous employer in a bad light can harm your chances of getting a new role. So, instead of dwelling on the negatives when asked, “What do you dislike most about your former job?”, focus on the steps you took to improve your situation at work. Highlight the positive aspects of your experience and impress the interviewer with your maturity.   

PRO TIP: When preparing for a DevOps technical interview, equip yourself with a mix of technical know-how, people skills, and cultural knowledge. By incorporating these helpful tips and tricks, you can ease those jitters and show how adaptable you are to working in a DevOps environment, no matter where you are in the world. 

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Authenticity is key, so it’s important to never pretend to be someone you’re not. If you come across a question, you don’t know the answer to, a great response is simply saying, “I’ll definitely look into it.” 

IAMOPS is a market leader in DevOps services with more than a thousand candidates wanting to join us. After going through hundreds of resumes and interviews we have found these tips to be effective on our own teams. While they don’t guarantee anything, they can leave a good impression on recruiters. We hope these virtual interview tips can help! 

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Mastering the DevOps Virtual Interview: Insider Tips and Tricks for Success 

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