Introducing IAMOPS Application Support Service

Let’s face it- nobody wants their users to experience any issues while using their product. 

As a startup, you know that any interruption in the application can be a pain to your users and ultimately make them stop using the product.  

To achieve incremental product usage, you need to ensure that users can raise the issues they are facing with your product and connect with support at the earliest. 

There are multiple such instances when your users need assistance.

Common issues that require application support 

Some of the most common issues that users usually struggle with and require assistance are: 

  • Guidance – Products of early-stage startups are not always user optimized, leading users in situations where they don’t know how to perform certain actions or where to find different resources.  
  • Bugs – Unfortunately, every version release includes some bugs. In some cases, your users might be the first to face these bugs while using the product. It is highly important to communicate discrepancies in the product so these could be escalated further to the developers for quick fixes. 
  • Setup – There may be certain setup requirements not specified in the application documentation. This lands user in a position to get help from the application side to complete the required setup or configurations. 
  • Data Loss or Corruption – One of the biggest nightmares that end users may get is to see the data stored in your application lost. These issues can happen due to database migration that leads to missing entries. Application Support aids by recovering data from backups, guiding users through restoration processes, and implementing fixes to prevent future occurrences, ensuring data integrity is maintained. 
  • Compatibility issues – They arise from version releases updates that disrupt existing integrations, data formats, or functionalities. For example, a latest update might utilize new web technologies that fail to function on older browsers, leaving some users unable to perform certain tasks. Efficient Application Support can assist by guiding users to update their browsers to versions that support the new technologies, ensuring they regain full access to all features and content. 
  • User authentication – There are times when users are not able to access your application due to authentication failures, account lockouts, etc. Application Support can help by verifying the user’s identity, resetting passwords, or unlocking accounts as needed. They can also guide users through troubleshooting steps, such as clearing browser cookies or updating security settings, to resolve access issues. 
  • API integration – These are the issues that arise from version updates in which endpoints or data structure were modified and caused disruption in linked systems. Application Support assists by providing updated API documentation, direct troubleshooting, and occasionally enabling temporary backward compatibility. 

IAMOPS application support 24/7 was established to enable your users to overcome their issues quickly and continue using your product without damaging their level of satisfaction. 

How does it work? 

This is how our application support service works: 

  1. Product review and documentation – We first analyze the product, learn about its functionalities, front-end and back-end, and core tech stacks involved. This gives us a clear understanding of the product and enables us to complete the product documentation. 
  1. Risk analysis – By exactly knowing how the application works, and the user journey, we pin-point the risky components, break them into a list of potential incidents in which your users might need support.   
  1. Automation set-up – For issues that have a recurring manner, we set up automation that ensures that whenever any user raises such concerns, they are instantly provided with relevant guidance to resolve their concerns. Automations enable the user to receive faster support, minimizes human intervention, and makes it easier for the user to proceed with using your product. 
  1. Playbook formation- We craft a playbook that contains a series of steps for each potential incident. The playbook acts as a guideline that specifies measures needed to be taken to acknowledge and close the ticket.  
  1. Ticketing system – We make it easy for users to raise their concerns with just one tap. With a simple form available, they can fill out details of the issue. This ensures that our clients’ users get help fast, making their experience better. 
  1. 24/7 Shift by human – Our team is present 24/7 to assist the user with your product- anytime, anywhere. We work in shifts, so even if your users have an issue at any time of the day, irrespective of their location, you can stay assured that it gets responded to quickly. 
  1. Incident Management – We utilize tools like Zenduty for tracking all incidents occurring within the application. When a user submits a ticket, it generates a trigger in Zenduty, alerting the on-shift team member. This member then examines the issue and follows the prescribed steps in the playbook. 
  1. Escalation – Some incidents require the intervention of DevOps, some the intervention of the developers, some require both. Based on the specific need, the incident is escalated to the concerned people to take it further. 
  1. Postmortem report – Once the incident is marked as resolved, we create a postmortem report which contains all the details of the incident such as root cause, impact analysis, corrective actions taken, resolution time and future prevention strategies. Its importance lies in learning from the incident to improve systems, processes, and prevent recurrence, enhancing service reliability and user trust. 

Happy users for a happy future 

Application support is a cornerstone for startups aiming to carve a niche in competitive markets.  

It acts as more than just a troubleshooting service; it’s a vital engagement tool that enhances the overall user experience.  

Effective application support creates a dialogue between the user and the product team, ensuring that every user feels heard and valued, turning potential frustrations into opportunities for positive interactions. 

The insights gained from support interactions can lead to the development of new features or the refinement of existing ones, ensuring that the product not only meets but anticipates user needs.  

In this way, application support becomes a key player in a start-up’s growth strategy that is fostering a cycle of continuous innovation that keeps your product ahead. 

As a result, a start-up equipped with strong application support is well-positioned to stay ahead of the curve, offering a product that is not just reactive to market demands but proactive in setting new standards and expectations. 



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Introducing IAMOPS Application Support Service

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