3 Reasons Businesses Should Migrate to Public Cloud

In general, two types of companies migrate to public cloud:

  1. Companies that have been operating for a long time; they have servers and computing infrastructure on premise and they want to migrate from an on-premise model to the cloud.
  2. Companies that were born to the cloud. They were established when public clouds are already available and they choose not to go on premise, but to go to public cloud.

Whichever type your company belongs, you will benefit from leveraging the cloud technology. Here are three basic reasons you should migrate to public cloud:

#1: Boost Revenue

Moving to the cloud means having the capacity to automatically scale your business and take in as many customers as you desire. It also enables you to focus on customer experience to boost your revenue.

Here’s how moving to the cloud helps boost revenue:

  • Scale your business much more easily
  • No need to get limited by your on-premise infrastructure capacity (if you use your own datacenter)
  • Improve user experience to increase conversion and gain repeat customers, which can significantly boost revenue. 

#2: Reduce Cost

If you’re still using on-premise infrastructure, going “all in” in moving to the public cloud will tremendously reduce your cost. Here are some of the many reasons moving to the cloud reduce costs:

  • No need to pay capital expenses for on-premise infrastructure
  • No need to take a room in your office to house your server
  • No maintenance costs incurred for having an on-premise infrastructure
  • Pay only for the computing services you need from your cloud service provider

#3: Improve Security and Operational Excellence

One of our top concerns as a dedicated cloud service providers is the security of your data in the cloud. Done right, migrating to public cloud guarantees data security.

  • You can access your data wherever you are without worrying about security concerns
  • No need to hire staff from your end to ensure the security of your data. Your cloud service provider is an expert at ensuring your data is safe and secure.

Cloud providers are the experts in managing computing infrastructure and making sure it operates on its best and in the most secured manner.

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So it is better to let them take care of the infrastructure and the company focus on the application level of performance and security. After all, ensuring data security is a mutual responsibility between cloud service providers and the businesses.

And with mutual responsibility, achieving operational excellence would be much easier.

An Infrastructure Problem Can Pull All Your KPIs Down

Sometimes people from other companies may think, “Ok, this is a product problem …” And then they ask questions like, “Why doesn’t he add stuff to the cart? or “Why change stuff?”

But eventually, when you check users’ behaviors on the site, i.e., when you see how long it took them to perform an action, you will discover that the real culprit was not a product problem, and not even a marketing problem but an infrastructure problem.

An infrastructure problem can give users a very bad experience on your product. This is a serious concern because a bad user experience can instantly drive potential customers away and ultimately pull down all of your KPIs.

So if you want to boost your revenuereduce cost, as well as improve security and operational excellenceembracing the cloud is not an option, but a must for your business.

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3 Reasons Businesses Should Migrate to Public Cloud

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