Why your startup must become ISMS Compliant

ISMS implements security and compliance at every level of your company. Whether it’s creating policies and company-wide security structures, risk management or reporting, ISMS helps you comply with the ISO/IEC 27001 Standard.

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Mitigate risk

With ISMS - you're able to properly assess these threats, their sources, their policies and procedures, and the steps you will take to prevent them. Additionally, an ISMS integrates security at every level of an organization - making security a part of your company framework, making you less susceptible to threats.

Avoid paying heavy fines

Some regulatory requirements, like the GDPR, need you to assign a particular focus on protecting the data of individuals in the EU who use your service. Ignoring international security standards can lead to heavy fines and additional risk.

Improve your company reputation

When you are compliant with specific universal standards, it raises the value and reputation of the product you provide. Being certified with GDPR, ISO or other regulatory standards can foster a sense of trust in your users and solidify your product performance in front of investors.

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