January 7, 2022

Elad Bibi-Aviv, Co-Founder & CEO at Covary | Episode 25

Elad Bibi-Aviv, Co-Founder & CEO at Covary | Episode 25

About the Episode

In this episode, we interviewed Elad Bibi-Aviv, Co-Founder & CEO at Covary.  

Elad is a forward-thinking Senior Operations & Business Development Executive with a proven record of accomplishments in the high-tech industry for 10+ years.

His core genius is in building startups from the ground up focusing on building a team, enhancing revenue, and streamlining business operations to drive profit and growth.

He believes that freelancers deserve to take time off and get paid for it.

But based on our survey, 91.8% are uncovered against health and family-related loss of income.

Traditional insurance does not fit the needs, lifestyles, and values of freelancers. So they created Covary.

Covary is co-sharing income protection designed for freelancers who care for each other. Share your protection with thousands of freelancers like you and receive co-sharing protection right when you need it.


“Never give up! No matter how many “NOs” you get. They will say your product doesn’t fit. It’s too novel. They’ll smash you. It doesn’t matter. Take your stand and ideology. Learn your lesson. Stay tuned with your adventure. Eventually, you’ll be successful”. 

Our Guest

Elad Bibi-Aviv

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Elad Bibi-Aviv, Co-Founder & CEO at Covary | Episode 25

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