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Companies that build remote teams with IAMOPS

The IAMOPS DevOps team is highly responsive and provides equal experience to an employee on payroll. This is a refreshing alternative to building the DevOps team.

Shimon Hirari

IT Manager at Mobideo
IAMOPS DevOps Team handles our extensive workload successfully. For us, UPTIME is money and with their dedication and responsiveness, I can sleep tight.

Omer Henya

Co-founder and CTO at Spinomenal
IAMOPS’ dedicated DevOps team is a perfect fit for Clarifruit’s needs as a fast-growing startup.

Ruby Boyarski

Co-founder and CTO at ClariFruit


Frequently Asked Questions

IAMOPS enables you to build your company in a distributed framework in the right way.

You can operate through small organic dedicated TEAMS that work remotely in different locations around the world.

The advantages of IAMOPS’ Distributed Company framework:

  • Build team faster.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Accelerate work plan execution.

IAMOPS mission is to build the world’s best operations teams and connect them with high-growth startups. Our goal is to provide the experience of a team player for both talent and the company. Compared to other professional services such as outsourcing agencies, local consultants, The IAMOPS operations team are:

1) Responsive: Your operations team members are 100% responsive and provide the experience of an employee sitting next door.

2) Transparent: Your operations team members maintain a transparent workflow, so you could always see the active tasks, work progress and prioritize it according to your needs.

3) Pro-active: Your operations team members are always proactive and making a positive impact on your performance without you needing micro-management and frequent follow-ups.

4) Dedicated: At IAMOPS, your operations team is always responsive, available and most importantly they are dedicated to providing full support. They help in enhancing operational efficiency by incorporating the best industry practices to ensure that your business grows.

5) Diversified: Your operations team is built with top talents that have diversified skills, think from different perspectives and help to stay ahead of your competitors by being more creative.

We build, operate and manage operations teams for high-growth startups.

We took the best features of full-time employment, freelance marketplaces and professional services to formulate the optimal workforce-framework for startups that enables fast onboarding while keeping the commitment and dedication of a full-time employee on payroll.

That way, we ensure responsiveness, resilience and growth customization that creates a similar experience to that of a full-time employee.

At IAMOPS we encourage education so, to make it available to all the team members we have designed an internal education plan through which our team members are motivated to learn, keep up-to-date with the industry trends as well as to get professional certifications on an ongoing basis.

In addition, we encourage a culture of sharing knowledge and interaction by collaborating with each other which helps them to adopt and provide you with the best operation practices.

We source and train the best talents on an ongoing basis. Then we divide them into ready-to-work organic teams.

You can get your organic operations team onboard in just two clicks:

1. Book a kickoff meeting

2. Specify your needs and requirements, get your dedicated team and start working.


Take a look at how IAMOPS took off and also meet our incredible team​.

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