Project Operations Manager

Project Operations Manager

Job Description:

The Project Operations Manager is a key role within IAMOPS, responsible for overseeing various projects including the 24X7 Site Reliable Operational Center and DevOps Customer Delivery. This position involves leading a diverse team of technicians, managing the physical center, and ensuring the overall operation runs smoothly to maintain the reliability of IAMOPS.

The incumbent is responsible for managing both regular business-hour and after hours trouble and maintenance work, meeting customer expectations and service level agreements (SLAs). This role requires close collaboration with the DevOps team, creating and managing playbooks, coordinating shift schedules, resolving tickets on time, and maintaining effective communication with stakeholders.


  • Team Management: Manage and coordinate the SROC Team, ensuring efficient operation without interruptions
  • Collaboration: Work closely with the DevOps team to ensure seamless customer service delivery
  • Procedure Management: Create and manage playbooks and procedures to handle customer issues effectively
  • Shift Coordination: Coordinate the duty shift table for 24×7 operations, allocating staff members or engineers efficiently
  • Ticket Resolution: Ensure all tickets are resolved on time according to SLAs
  • Stakeholder Relationships: Establish and maintain relationships with managers and team leads to support project maintenance
  • Reporting: Report and escalate issues to management as needed
  • Information Management: Stay informed about all ground-level details of the operational center

Requirements and Skills:

  • Minimum 2+ years of industry experience at a management level, preferably in IT-related fields
  • Bachelor’s degree in any stream; BE/BTech in Computer/IT or BBA/MBA in IT is preferable
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential
  • Strong management skills with the ability to lead and maintain a cohesive team
  • Scrum knowledge and experience with tools like and Jira provide an added advantage

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