Eliminating the downtime risk with 24/7 proactive monitoring

We monitor your infrastructure 24/7, so it is always secure and available to your clients.

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Our Solution

Our customized 24/7 monitoring solution


Monitoring System Design

The experienced solution architect gathers the requirements and assembles the best monitoring technologies to design a comprehensive monitoring solution.


Monitoring System Design ​Set-Up

Our monitoring team sets up the initial monitoring environment, configuring any required applications and tools.


24/7 Monitoring

The NOC Team monitors the infrastructure 24/7 with 3 engineers in 8-hour shifts.


Incident Management

In case of an alert, the monitoring team provides Tier 1 support and executes the relevant procedures. Additionally, the team builds and establishes incident management policies for future alerts.


Risk Mitigation

After an incident, we create reports and documentation for better incident management, prevention, and prediction. In addition, our reports contain suggestions for future infrastructure improvements.

How it works

24/7 monitoring

24/7 Monitoring

With 8-hour shifts and 3-member teams, there isn’t a moment in the day your infrastructure isn’t fully monitored. This way, we can respond promptly and manage any potential incidents.
Monitoring dashboards

Monitoring Dashboards

To make your monitoring environment as accessible, automated, and updated as possible, we use dynamic dashboards to measure your uptime, security, backups, and performance across channels.


NOC team


With several monitors and dashboards on our NOC Room Screens, the NOC Engineer is highly responsive to any alerts or incidents that affect your uptime, performance or security.


Responsible for the design, set-up and continuous improvement of your Monitoring Environment, the Monitoring Expert ensures all your policies, tools and automations are implemented and running smoothly.


Along with developing customized tools and scripts for your infrastructure, the automation expert develops and implements all the automations your environment needs to be optimized. 

Your future monitoring environment

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