24/7 Monitoring for SaaS companies

The Customer

Mobideo’s SaaS platform enables safe, compliant, and efficient management of the industrial workforce. The product connects workers to the cloud to increase productivity, accountability, traceability and connects managers to improve visibility and enhance real-time decision-making.

Monitoring Requirements:

Mobideo’s platform is a critical tool for its clients, so the product comes with an SLA which underlines:

  • Change management
  • Backups
  • Cost Monitoring
  • High Availability
  • High Performance
  • High Security

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    The Problem

    Overloaded Developers: The company’s IT members and developers previously monitored their infrastructure by themselves. This added another responsibility for their developers, and it was hard to maintain such a time-consuming task as a “secondary” responsibility daily.

    Exhaustion of workers: Team members received alerts in the day and the night, on weekends, on holiday, and struggled to maintain everyday life.

    Non-optimal environment: The monitoring environment was not fully optimal and could not have a 24/7 team.

    IAMOPS 24/7 Monitoring Solution

    Our goal for Mobideo was to build a comprehensive solution for monitoring with:
    • Continuous availability and performance
    • Security monitoring
    • Change management and logs
    • 24/7 Monitoring as a dedicated team


    Our Goal

    Continuous Availability: We currently receive periodic alerts and updates for website uptime.

    Continuous Performance:A tool made by our Automation Expert allows us to internally monitor as many sites as needed, making sure uptime is maximized for each.

    High Security: We created a customized monitoring app to monitor our security groups and their current functioning, each tagged with the user and creation date. Every time our account is accessed, changed, edited, or deleted, we get an alert of any suspicious activity associated with our account.

    Change management: We created an app that helps us log the source, event, time, and Creator ARN for every action in our Monitoring Environment.

    Back-ups: For our daily, weekly, and monthly back-ups, we implemented a cron monitoring service that notifies us when our back-ups do not happen. All of our periodic back-ups go to a separate SQL database, which is pre-configured in the scripts. We run over 100 schedulers every day to monitor overall health.

    Cost Monitoring: We developed a customized Cost Monitoring tool that presents the overall costs, cost per service, and cost per client. That tool also enables us to identify potential saving plans to reduce infrastructure costs.


    IAMOPS NOC Teams

    IAMOPS NOC Teams work 24/7 with a team of 3 members. The team contains a Manager, 2 NOC Engineers, and a NOC Intern, working 8-hour shifts, 24×7.

    In the NOC room, we have several monitors with dashboards that let us see a complete view of the infrastructure. With the implementation of their monitoring environment, Mobideo can be sure that their Infrastructure is covered 24/7.

    Monitoring Policies

    Alerts: With our monitoring policies, there is a distinct set of plans and procedures to follow in case of an alert. This way, we have a set path for potential downtime, and can adequately minimize response time.

    Tier 1: support Since our NOC members are equipped with strong skillsets, they can immediately provide Tier 1 support in case of an incident. Our DevOps Team can give additional attention to further infrastructure management or high-level incident management.

    Incident investigation and reporting: In case of any future incident, we will document our procedures, policy agreements, and actions for future use. Through Monday.com, Confluence, and Internal Reporting, we continue daily documentation.


    Thank you for reading this case study. Our main goal was to alleviate the major pain points that Mobideo faced, including overloaded developers, and a lack of a comprehensive monitoring solution.

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